Corporate Communications

At the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, we are committed to communicating our research results and to sharing our scientific expertise. Our Corporate Communications unit is an intermediary and service provider for both internal and external queries.


As part of our PR activities, we compile the most important topics and activities of the LIfBi to produce, for example, the annual report, the LIfBi news, and the newsletter LIfBi info. Our series "NEPS Results compact" presents research results in easily accessible language. The transfer reports of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories are aimed equally at academia, journalism, education policy, administration and practice. The two series present analyses with high social relevance in a compact and generally understandable way.
We are available as a contact for representatives of the media, from education policy, administration, and practice, as well as for the general public. We are also available as consultants and support for LIfBi employees in all matters concerning public relations. We are happy to start the dialog!


You are welcome to contact us in order to get to know the scientists at LIfBi. For media inquiries, we offer comprehensive support and organize background discussions for politicians, editors, and associations. If you like, we will gladly add you to our press distribution list.


We are happy to start the dialog: kommunikation(at)