Database on education in Upper Franconia

The project database contains and links information on education providers’ positions, on structural characteristics of Upper Franconia, as well as survey data collected in compliance with data-protection regulations. Furthermore, this will provide the basis for mapping the data in the „Atlas of Educational Landscape for Upper Franconia“.



Online survey of educational providers

The aim of the online survey (of approx. 1,500 education providers) is to gather information on basic structural features of education providers in Upper Franconia in order to  give a differentiated representation of educational offerings. Moreover, educational spaces are to be identified irrespective of administrative boundaries in Upper Franconia and in combination with individual data on the use of educational offerings. Additional information on their catchment area will therefore also be collected by the survey.



Telephone interviews with the population of Upper Franconia

A representative telephone survey (expected sample population: 8,000 participants) will be conducted to collect data on how educational providers are being perceived in Upper Franconia and on individuals’ use and demand of them. Part of the design is a second survey wave among those participants who – at the time of the first survey round – were facing an educational decision. Thus, it will be possible for us to find out the outcome of that particular decision.








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