Taking the example of Upper Franconia, the project “Educational Landscape of Upper Franconia” investigates the interplay of education and region. The project's main research question addresses the relationship between individual educational decisions and the perception of education providers regarding social space.

As the key term education is conceived of as a lifelong concept, the project starts with early childhood education during the first few years of a child’s life, and also investigates schooling and vocational training, as well as higher education, and further training for adults. In addition, the project also focuses on the field of cultural education.

To answer these research questions, data on local education providers in Upper Franconia was collected as part of this project and linked with data from a representative survey of the population of Upper Franconia, which was also collected especially for this purpose (see methods).

Project findings concerning the educational setting in Upper Franconia are published in the “Atlas of Educational Landscape for Upper Franconia”, which is available as a public source of information. Among other project publications it is listed here.








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