Guest Lectures and Research Stays 2018

Name, First Name Institution/Research Project City/Country Topic Date/Duration
Kruse, Hanno University of Cologne Cologne/Germany "Ethnic Boundary Making in School Networks" 15.11.2018
Kaplan, David University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin/USA "New Developments in Bayesian Model Averaging" 04.07.2018
Barnett, Steven W. Rutgers University New Brunswick/USA "Persistent benefits from preschool at scale: Why do we fail to reproduce the results of earlier studies, how can we improve success?" 28.06.2018
Dynarski, Susan University of Michigan Michigan/USA "Inequality in Education: What Have We Learned?" 06.06.2018
Schindler, Steffen University of Bamberg Bamberg/Germany "Education and Inequality Across the Life Course" 05.06.2018
van Kraayenoord, Christina University of Queensland Queensland/Australia research stay 05.-08.06.2018
Neumann, Marko German Institute for International Educational Research Frankfurt/Germany "Evaluation der Berliner Schulstrukturreform" 16.05.2018
Anders, Yvonne FU Berlin Berlin/Deutschland "Measuring ECEC quality: Traditional approaches and new developments" 15.05.2018
Wessling, Katarina Maastricht University Maastricht/The Netherlands "The Teacher and the ‘Ghetto’–Investigating the Influence of School Class and Neighbourhood Contexts on Teachers’ Evaluations of Primary School Students" 03.05.2018
Helbig, Marcel WZB Berlin und Universität Erfurt Berlin und Erfurt/Deutschland "Föderales Schulsystem und kleinräumige Spaltung. Ist die Analyse bundesweit erhobener Schuldaten noch sinnvoll?" 17.04.2018
Pforr, Klaus

GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Mannheim/Germany "Regional Conext Data form the Microzensus" 12.04.2018
Ichou, Mathieu INED French Institute for Demographic Studies Paris/France "Immigrant selectivity: theoretical interest, measurement challenges and empirical consequences" 08.02.2018
Dresel, Markus; Steuer, Gabriele Universität Augsburg Augsburg/Germany "Components of Effective Motivational Regulation" 06.02.2018
Hasselhorn, Marcus Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung Frankfurt/Germany "Educational Equity by Compensatory Early Education Addressing Children at Risk for Poor Educational Outcomes" 30.01.2018
Aminipour, Shima University of Tehran Tehran/Iran research stay 03/2016 - 05/2018