Guest Lectures and Research Stays 2010

Name, First Name
Institution/Research Project
City/Country Topic Date/Duration
Trivellato, Ugo
Università degli Studi di Padova
Lecture on "The effect of experiencing a spell of temporary employment vs. a spell of unemployment on short-term labour market outcomes"
DiPrete, Thomas
University of Wisconsin
Lecture on "Do Family and School Resources Affect the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement?"
Micklewright, John
Institute of Education, University of London
Lecture on "Children´s cognitive ability and parents´education: distinguishing the impact of mothers and fathers"
Mills, Collin; Henz, Ursula
Nuffield College; London School of Economics
Research stay
01.9.2010 - 31.3.2011
Minor Mora Salas Centro de Estudios Sociológicos, El Colegio de México Mexico City/Mexico Lecture on "Youth, Work and Inequality in a global era: Lessons from the Mexico" 26.-30.6.2010
Pineda, Laia; Tarrés, Anna; Majó, Joan Household Panel on Inequalities in Catalonia (PaD) Barcelona/Spain Presentation on the study "PaD" 25.-26.5.2010
Raykov, Tenko Michigan State University Michigan/USA Series of lectures "Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling” 11.-12.5.2010
Becker, Rolf Universität Bern Bern/Switzerland Series of lectures „Neuere Entwicklungen in der soziologischen Bildungsforschung“ 12.4.-7.5.2010