LIfBi lectures and Research Stays 2020


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Name, First Name Institution/Research Project City/Country Topic Date/Duration
Steinmetz, Stephanie University of Lausanne Lausanne/Switzerland

"Does a PhD really pay off? Returns to higher education from a gender perspective"


Kröhne, Ulf DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education Frankfurt/Germany "Educational large-scale assessment meets survey methods: What can be gained by analyzing log files from questionnaires?" 10.12.2020
Jackson, Michelle
LIfBi Lectures
Stanford University Stanford/USA "The fundamental causes of educational inequality" (Abstract, PDF) 07.12.2020
Sander, Nicolas
Sengewald, Erik
Federal Employment Agency Nuremberg/Germany "Eignungsdiagnostik im berufspsychologischen Service der Bundesagentur für Arbeit: Matching von Beruf und Person" 03.12.2020
Dumpert, Florian University of Bayreuth Bayreuth/Germany "Vom linearen Modell durch Hilberträume zu den Support Vector Machines" 26.11.2020
Wetzel, Eunike
LIfBi Lectures
University Magdeburg Magdeburg/Germany "The multidimensional forced-choice format as an alternative to rating scales" (Abstract, PDF) 24.11.2020
Walper, Sabine
LIfBi Lectures
German Youth Institute (DJI) Munich/Germany Research on Families, Children and Youth in Germany: The Potential of the pairfam Panel" (Abstract, PDF) 07.07.2020
Dumpert, Florian University of Bayreuth Bayreuth/Germany "Maschinelles Lernen und Qualität" 25.06.2020
Jann, Ben
LIfBi Lectures
University of Bern Bern/Switzerland "The Swiss TREE multi-cohort survey in its 20th year: design issues, research potential, and some selected findings" 23.06.2020
Carstensen, Claus H. University of Bamberg Bamberg/Germany "Ein Modelltest für ein nicht parametrisches eindimensionale Testmodell" 04.06.2020
Cress, Ulrike
LIfBi Lectures
Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM) Tübingen/Germany "Kollaborative Wissenskonstruktion: Wie entsteht Wissen im digitalen Zeitalter?" 26.05.2020
Freund, Jan-David
Career Talk
HABA Bad Rodach/Germany "Karriereweg Spielwarenbranche oder - Was macht eigentlich ein Psychologe bei einem Spielwarenhersteller?" 05.05.2020
Bosnjak, Michael
LIfBi Lectures
Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) Trier/Germany "Evidence-based Survey Operations" (Abstract, PDF; ZPID Roadshow, PDF) 04.02.2020
Naumann, Johannes
LIfBi Lectures
University of Wuppertal Wuppertal/Germany "Processes and products in reading digital text: Prospects and challenges in defining, analyzing, and interpreting log-data based process-measures" (Abstract, PDF) 21.01.2020
Kaplan, David
University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin/USA "Analyzing the National Assessment of Educational Progress using Bayesian probabilistic forecasting; 21.01.2020
Reichelt, Malte
NYU Abu Dhabi; IAB Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates; Nuremberg/Germany "The effects of school type on students’ aspirations: The role of competencies, relative class position, and peers; 09.01.2020