YEAR 2020

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LIfBi employee honored for her excellent master’s thesis


This year’s special award of the women’s representative at the University of Bamberg was given to Regina Jusri for her thesis in the field of gender research. The PUSh prize (Preis der Universitätsfrauenbeauftragten für Studentinnen mit hervorragenden Leistungen) is awarded every year to three female students for their outstanding final papers.

Regina Jusri (left) at the award ceremony (photographer: Louise Zenker / © Universität Bamberg) 

In her thesis, the sociology graduate scrutinized the impact of the mathematical and verbal self-concept on gender-typical career aspirations of students in the ninth grade, respondents of the National Educational Panel Study’s Starting Cohort 4. The master’s thesis puts the measurable competencies of the adolescents in relation to their own perception of these skills. Especially in the field of mathematical competence, many male respondents tend to overestimate their actual abilities, whereas females do the opposite. This distortion can partially explain why fewer girls take up a STEM profession. Jusri works for LIfBi as part of the project “Returns to Education Over the Life Course: Well-Being, Social Capital and Participation in Adult Age (BiLev)”.