YEAR 2020

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LIfBi lectures: Dr. Marko Neumann provides glimpse into the “BERLIN-Study”


As part of the LIfBi lectures, Dr. Marko Neumann from the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) Frankfurt/Berlin presented the “BERLIN-Study”. This multicohort longitudinal study, investigates the structural reform of Berlin’s secondary school system carried out since 2010/11.

In his lecture, Neumann presented key results from a cohort comparison study as well as the consequences of the introduction of an integrated secondary school system reform and the accompanying change to a two-part secondary school system in the Federal State of Berlin.

Especially the aims associated with the reform, namely a reduction of social disparity in the student body of the schools, the consequences on the performance levels, depending on the transfer type of the school, were central to his talk. Both aims were not reached because the stratification patterns before and after the reform are hardly different. However, there was also a significant rise in transfer quotas to upper secondary level, as well as a corresponding rise in Abitur aspirations. At this level there were, as Neumann reported, depending on the transfer type of the school, significant differences in performance.