YEAR 2020

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LIfBi lectures: What defines good quality in day care?


As part of LIfBi lectures, Prof. Dr. Yvonne Anders from Freie Universität Berlin held a presentation on May 15, 2018, about how the pedagogical quality in day care can be adequately measured.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Weinert (right) welcomes Prof. Dr. Yvonnes Anders to LIfBi. 

Over the past years, the expectations for day-care facilities have risen significantly. They should not only serve to promote the competencies of children, but also contribute to compensation if children are growing up under disadvantaged conditions.

To measure the pedagogical quality of day care, several different factors can be analyzed: structural factors (such as group size, training of child-care workers) and the process quality (interactions between educators and children). In her presentation, Prof. Anders presented results of studies in which the effects of different aspects of pedagogical quality on children’s development was investigated. What aspects of quality can be measured adequately using which method (observation and questionnaire) and the advantages and disadvantages of each method were debated in the following discussion.