YEAR 2020

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ReGES: First surveys in families completed


After the field start in December 2017, the first wave of interviews of refugee families as part of the study “Refugees in the German Educational System” (ReGES) ended in July 2018 in selected communities in Bavaria, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saxony.

In the last months, parents and adolescents from 4,800 families from a migrant background were interviewed, and several competencies of the children and youths were tested. The study was received with great interest by those interviewed, which resulted in a high willingness to participate in the surveys and tests. Thus, the ReGES team can look back to a very successful first field survey.

Meanwhile, the interviews of employees in the local communities and in shared accommodations regarding the conditions of local integration of refugees are still ongoing. Additionally, teachers and educators in schools and care facilities are being questioned about the educational integration of the children and youths.

Now, data are being processed and the next surveys are being prepared: Over the coming months, our participants will be interviewed again.