YEAR 2020

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Successful completion of vocational training at LIfBi


On July 5, 2018, the LIfBi released the last of its four and highly enthusiastic apprentices into the working world: Three graduates are beginning to work at the LIfBi as qualified specialists supporting research, while another graduate will start working at the University of Bamberg.

Graduation celebration: From left to right, first row: Verena Distler (specialized instructor), Annalena Popp, Maximilian Anton, Pia Bechtloff. From left to right, second row: Ilona Kellermann (VET coordinator), Christopher Ulbrich (specialized trainer), Markus Roppelt (apprentice 2017-2020), Daniel Bela (specialized trainer), Dr. Lydia Kleiner (specialized trainer). 

The Institute congratulates the following persons (in alphabetical order): Maximilian Anton for his excellent degree as “Computer Scientist for Systems Integration”, including his certificate of recognition from the government of Upper Franconia as one of this year’s top ten apprentices at vocational school; Pia Bechtloff for her successfully completed exam in the recognized vocational occupation “Specialist in Market and Social Research” with a certificate of recognition from her vocational school for excellent achievements of the whole year; Saskia Beckmann for her extremely successful completion of her shortened vocational training as “Office Management Assistant” with honors for above average grades; and to Annalena Popp for her equally excellent graduation as “Office Management Assistant” including honors from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia in Bayreuth as well as the government of Upper Franconia for her superb achievements.

Already in its first year after the founding of the Institute, the LIfBi Board of Directors had decided to support the initiative of the Leibniz Association for dual vocational education and training. This binds qualified staff through implementation of the Pact for Research and Innovation of the Joint Science Conference (GWK) (more information).