YEAR 2020

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Study based on NEPS adult cohort: employees at retirement age only partly work for the sake of money


In their study, Prof. Dr. Silke Anger, Annette Trahms, and Dr. Christian Westermeier (Institute for Employment Research, IAB, Nuremberg) examined individual characteristics and motives of people who are employed or wish to be employed during retirement. The report uses representative data from the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) Starting Cohort 6–Adults.

The respondents gave mostly social and personal motives as reasons for employment at retirement age. Around 90 percent of both male and female pensioners enjoy working, need contact with other people, or still want to have something to do. However, more than half of the respondents also give financial reasons for employment. This applies particularly to women. According to their own statements, women rely on additional income on top of their old age pension more frequently than men.  

You can download abstracts, graphics, and the full text from the IAB website.