YEAR 2020

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Edited volume of educational decisions and local educational services now available


The volume "Bildungsentscheidungen und lokales Angebot. Die Bedeutung der Infrastruktur für Bildungsentscheidungen im Lebenslauf" (Educational Decisions and Local Services. The Importance of Infrastructure for Educational Decisions in the Life Course), edited by Dr. Michaela Sixt, Dr. Michael Bayer, and Doreen Müller, contains empirical results from the project "BildungsLandschaft Oberfranken" (BiLO, Educational Landscape of Upper Franconia), as well as theoretical considerations on the connection between education and space. A long neglected research gap is systematically addressed here.


The book contributions deal with the interplay of educational decisions and educational services at different education-relevant thresholds in the life course. The concepts of space and region are integrated into questions of educational science and thus open up a view of certain mechanisms of the emergence and consolidation of social inequality. The focus is on actually existing educational offerings or, as conceptualized in the book, on opportunity structures, their perception in the public, and the question of how the interplay of services and perception influences individual decision-making.
The contributions break new empirical ground by investigating the relationship between measurable spatial distances between the locations of educational services and the participants' places of residence. In addition to its scientific relevance, it also provides practice-relevant knowledge for political decision-making processes.

The anthology is now available from Waxmann Verlag and can be ordered here.

This flyer (PDF) contains a preview of the highlights of the book.

More information on BiLO data can be found at (in German only).