YEAR 2020

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ReGES presenting at BMBF Educational Research Conference 2019 “Educational worlds of the future”


The 2019 Educational Research Conference “Educational worlds of the future” took place in Berlin from March 12 to 13. On this occasion, questions that are relevant to society were extensively discussed among representatives of various institutions from the education sector, while projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) had the chance to present their work to a broad audience.

Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Dr. Dominik Weigand, and Dr. Gisela Will (from left to right) at the BMBF Educational Research Conference 2019 

The nearly 550 invited visitors were recruited from the fields of politics, academia, and practice. The interesting forums featured many acclaimed personalities and covered a wide range of topics, such as digitalization in the education system, overcoming educational barriers, the diversity of educational prerequisites and requirements, and the future of educational research and the education system. The conference was accompanied by a market hall where the LIfBi project "Refugees in the German Educational System (ReGES)", funded by the BMBF for five years, exhibited its own stand. Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Dr. Gisela Will, and Dr. Dominik Weigand were able to make contact with many people from different contexts. The first publications of the project on the integration status of refugee children and adolescents, based on the results of the first survey wave, met with particular interest (see LIfBi Working Paper No. 75 and 76).

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