YEAR 2020

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LIfBi attends ESRA Conference 2019 with several key topics


At this year's conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) in Zagreb from July 17 to 19, LIfBi employees organized several sessions—for example, on topics related to the implementation of studies on refugees:

The LIfBi team at ESRA 2019 (from left to right): Carina Schönmoser, Dr. Ariane Würbach, Katharina Stark, Dr. Christoph Homuth, Dr. Uta Landrock, Dr. Götz Lechner, Dr. Gisela Will, Daniel Bela, Nadine Bachbauer, Dr. Michaela Sixt, Dr. Gundula Zoch | Photo: Ulrich Krieger 

The session "Aspects of Research on People Rooted in Arabic Cultures" brought together researchers who, on the one hand, deal with surveys in the Arab world (e.g., Arab Barometer) and, on the other hand, interview people with Arab roots in various countries hosting migrants. A particular focus was on the question as to what extent there are culturally specific differences in response behavior and in terms of willingness to cooperate and panel attrition.

In two sessions on the topic "Lessons Learned from Studies on Refugees", special methodological challenges in studies with refugees and their solutions were explicitly discussed. In addition to interviewing illiterate persons and adequately recording educational qualifications in the countries of origin, the session addressed specific aspects of longitudinal studies with refugees.

The LIfBi was also actively involved in sessions on the conceptualization of gender roles ("Innovations in the Measurement of Gender Role Attitudes"), on trust in conducting long-term studies ("Get in Touch–Stay in Touch: Trust as a Core Issue For Success of Longitudinal Studies") and on the use of metadata for the management of large data sets ("With or Without You–Standardized Metadata in Survey Data Management").

The congress on survey-methodological aspects has been held every two years since 2008. This year's motto was "Highlighting the contribution of survey research in the changing data environment". The Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) and the National Education Panel Study (NEPS) have been attending this event on a regular basis right from the start.