YEAR 2020

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More Space! Conference on “Education and Space” at LIfBi


The conference "Education and Space" took place on November 6 at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories. The focus was on questions and findings of empirical educational research from a spatial perspective. The opening lecture by Prof. Dr. Rainer Schnell offered an exciting introduction to the challenges of data protection law.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schnell gave the keynote lecture at the conference "Education and Space". 

In his keynote lecture on "Statistical methods of data protection for georeferenced data of empirical social research" Prof. Dr. Rainer Schnell from the University of Duisburg-Essen gave an overview of the different geomasking methods and the challenges of bridging the gap between practical usability and "security" of a method against potential external "attacks".

The thematic scope of the following lectures showed that space plays a role in different educational areas and phases. From school to old age, space was discussed as a relevant factor. Also, the different definitions and perspectives of spatial characteristics became apparent. Finally, the methods used were also wide-ranging. In addition to quantitative and qualitative empirical methods (e.g., walking interview), the conference also looked at the meta-level perspective (e.g., systematic review).

The conference was organized by the team of the LIfBi project "BildungsLandschaft Oberfranken (BiLO, Educational Landscape of Upper Franconia)". The BiLO team would like to thank all speakers for shaping the content of the conference and all participants for their interest and active participation in the discussions.