YEAR 2020

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Administrative Committee of the Leibniz Association elects Dr. Robert Polgar as Deputy Spokesperson


Dr. Robert Polgar was elected Deputy Spokesperson of the Administrative Committee of the Leibniz Association. "The election is a sign of confidence by the administrative colleagues of the Leibniz Association. I am very pleased to accept it and look forward to actively supporting the work of the Administrative Committee in this role", said Robert Polgar, Executive Director of Administration at LIfBi since July 1, 2014. He takes up office as of November 28, 2019.

The decision was announced at the annual assembly of the Leibniz Association on November 26, 2019, in Berlin. LIfBi Director Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt congratulated him warmly: "I am very pleased that LIfBi is represented prominently by Dr. Robert Polgar in this important committee of the Leibniz Association."

The Administrative Committee serves to share experience and prepares statements and recommendations for the Board and Executive Board, thus contributing to the joint decision-making on administrative matters. It consists of the administrative heads of member institutions of the Leibniz Association and serves to exchange knowledge on all administrative matters. From among its members, the committee elects a spokesperson and two deputies for a term of two years.

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