YEAR 2020

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New concept for doctoral degrees establishes transparent framework


On the path to completing their dissertation, young scientists face many challenges. Therefore, LIfBi published a new doctoral concept at the beginning of this year, which makes the general conditions transparent for all involved parties and provides information about funding opportunities.


The newly developed concept for doctoral degrees of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories provides clear regulations on expectations and requirements, as well as support and guidance during this special qualification phase, for all involved parties. For all doctoral students whose positions are financed by the core budget, it illustrates the process from the initial interview to the supervision agreement and short reports right up to the point of completing their doctorate. It also gives the supervisors guidelines for these various milestones. Additionally, the concept provides information about funding opportunities—for example, for attending conferences and training courses, as well as financial support for stays abroad.

Prof. Cordula Artelt, LIfBi Director, welcomes the adoption of the new concept: "The concept for doctoral degrees emphasizes that LIfBi is an attractive place for doctoral students". By the end of 2017, the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories had already changed the length of employment for doctoral students to a maximum of five years. It is usually four years by the Leibniz Association’s standards. With the two-phase model, LIfBi can offer doctoral students 65% positions, which include a research share of 25% of working hours for the doctorate. They are initially limited to three years and may be extended by another two years if the doctorate progresses adequately.

The new concept for doctoral degrees was developed in consultation with the Board of Directors, the LIfBi Department Heads, and the Bamberg NEPS Professors. "My gratitude for the constructive cooperation during the development of the concept is also due to the Works Council and the Doctoral Students' Representatives," said the Director.