YEAR 2020

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Corona pandemic affects current surveys


To protect against the further spread of the Corona virus, the data collections of the National Education Panel Study (NEPS) and the refugee study ReGES have been partly suspended since the beginning of this week.


Earlier this week, the management of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in cooperation with the data-collection institute infas decided to suspend all personal interviews and surveys for the two nationwide educational studies NEPS and ReGES for an indefinite period of time. Already arranged interview appointments are being canceled. This does not affect telephone interviews, which will continue as planned. As a result of the current recommendations to reduce personal contact to a minimum, the decision will come into effect at the same time as the current closures of care and educational facilities.

LIfBi Director Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt explains the decision by saying: "We very much regret that we are not able to carry out the surveys as planned. However, under the current circumstances, this interruption is absolutely necessary and reasonable. The protection of our participants and interviewers is our top priority".

LIfBi is closely monitoring developments in connection with the Corona crisis and will continue the surveys as soon as this is possible and advisable in a safe manner. All respondents will be kept up-to-date and will be contacted personally to receive information about the further procedure in their respective study.