YEAR 2020

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Education research in times of the coronavirus crisis: LIfBi plans additional survey in all NEPS cohorts


What impact does the coronavirus crisis have on educational trajectories? How do daily routines of school and work life function, and what changes does COVID-19 bring to everyday life? A short survey on these current developments is currently being prepared among participants of the National Education Panel Study (NEPS) in all six starting cohorts. An online survey will start in May.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash 

By temporarily suspending personal interviews in the NEPS and in the refugee study ReGES, LIfBi has reacted promptly to the necessary security precautions due to COVID-19 as early as mid-March (see our news from March 20, 2020). Meanwhile, regular scientific activities at LIfBi—focusing on infrastructure, research, and transfer—are continuing.

Although further developments in the corona crisis are still uncertain, scientists must already prepare the next steps in the upcoming surveys for NEPS, ReGES, and the inclusion study INSIDE—always keeping an eye on the continuously changing circumstances. To protect our staff and all of our contributing partners, all this is done primarily via telephone, e-mail, and web conferences.

In consultation with the Works Council, the LIfBi Board of Directors responded to this on March 13 with flexible arrangements, allowing greater flexibility in remote working and an extended working time corridor. LIfBi Director Cordula Artelt thanks employees "for being able to implement new ways of working and switching to digital solutions so quickly. Above all, you have succeeded in keeping the individual situation of each and every coworker in mind—whether it is the special requirements currently associated with childcare or consideration for people caring for relatives or who are themselves part of a risk group. This shows us that our Institute is sticking together and functioning well despite these difficult times."