YEAR 2020

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NEPS data used by over 2,500 researchers worldwide


The number of scientists registered for using data from the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) has exceeded the threshold of 2,500 users in July 2020. Over the past year and a half, on average almost 25 data users per month have been added.


The Research Data Center at LIfBi (Forschungsdatenzentrum, FDZ-LIfBi) provides three access points to NEPS data, offering researchers worldwide maximum flexibility: Scientific Use Files can be downloaded from the NEPS website. This data has the highest degree of anonymity. More sensitive data can be analyzed using the remote access technology RemoteNEPS. In the context of on-site guest stays, even more detailed analyses can be carried out while ensuring maximum data security.

In addition, the FDZ-LIfBi regularly offers training courses on the use of NEPS data to people interested. The next trainings will be held online due to corona restrictions, on September 21-22 and November 9, 2020. Both courses offer a general introduction; the data training in September will additionally introduce the processing of NEPS life history data.