YEAR 2020

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Good Gender Teaching and Doctoral Prizes: LIfBi Staff Members Receive Awards


This year's “Bettina Paetzold Prize” for outstanding teaching at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg closely related to gender inequalities was awarded to Dr. Gundula Zoch from the Leibniz Institute for Educational Pathways (LIfBi). And LIfBi staff members Dr. Tanja Kutscher and Dr. Marie-Ann Sengewald share this year's Marie Schlei Doctoral Award, which is offered by the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin).


Gundula Zoch receives the prize for her course "Social Inequality in the Use of Family Policy Benefits". Named after the first women's representative at Otto Friedrich University, Bettina-Paetzold-Prize is intended to help promote research and teaching closely related to gender inequalities. This year's prize honours the work of Gundula Zoch, who regularly teaches the theoretical foundations of gender-sensitive topics and existing inequalities as well as current results of her own research at LIfBi in seminars at the University of Bamberg. On the occasion of the award ceremony on the 9th of December, the award winner, together with all nominees as well as Dr. Ilka Wolter (LIfBi) and Vice-President Prof. Dr. Christine Gerhardt, discussed the topic "Enriching in many ways: Gender in teaching" in a virtual panel discussion.

The Marie-Schlei-Prize of Freie Universität Berlin; (shared this year) of Freie Universität Berlin was awarded to two staff members of the working unit Educational Measurement for their outstanding doctorates. Tanja Kutscher received the prize for her dissertation on "Measuring Job Satisfaction with Rating Scales: Problems and Remedies", Marie-Ann Sengewald for her work on "Latent Covariates". At the (virtual) ceremony on the 26th of November - which also marked Marie Schlei's 101st birthday - the two methodologists presented their work to members of the Department of Education and Psychology at the FU Berlin. Marie Schlei was a Berlin teacher who owed her rise to the position of development aid minister under Helmut Schmidt in part to her vision of establishing development aid for women in society. The aim of the award is to promote, make visible and honour the academic work of women in accordance with the FU Berlin's guidelines for the advancement of women and the department's plan for the advancement of women.