YEAR 2020

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LIfBi Supports the Competence Centre Procurement of the Leibniz Association


With the newly founded Competence Centre for Procurement (LKCB), the Leibniz Association has recently bundled the competences of its 96 member institutions in the area of administration. The Bamberg Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) was significantly involved in the development and founding of the Competence Centre. With Thomas Saueracker, the acting head of LIfBi administration, it also provides the deputy chair of the advisory board.


The aim of the LKCB is to create more favourable purchasing conditions for all institutions, to use synergy effects, joint know-how and to advise the individual institutes on demanding EU tenders. "Combined forces in procurement should also lend even more emphasis to the idea of sustainability. The Leibniz Association has committed itself to the UN's 17 sustainability goals. I am pleased that we are making a contribution to this with the Competence Centre," says Thomas Saueracker.

The LKCB was launched on the 1st of October 2020 at the Forschungsverbund Berlin and represents the first joint cooperation in the Leibniz Association's administrative area. It is continuously accompanied in its work by an advisory board. For the next two years, the advisory board consists of the following four members (another member will be elected shortly from the ranks of the Leibniz Association's administrative committee):


- Nicole Griepentrog, WZB, Berlin, Chairperson

- Thomas Saueracker, LIfBI, Bamberg, Deputy Chair

- Christoph Gottschalk, LIN, Magdeburg

- Thorsten Mühl, DPZ, Göttingen


The most important and primary task of the LKCB is to bundle the various needs of several institutes and to invite tenders with a correspondingly high order volume throughout Europe. As many institutes as possible should be able to benefit from this.


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