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Fora on Educational Policy 2020: Cordula Artelt Speaks on the Development of Reading Competencies in Adolescence


Once again this year, the Leibniz Association's Education Research Network invites to the Annual Fora on Educational Policy. It will take place on October 29, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., for the first time in the form of a virtual online event. The framework topic is "Good linguistic education", on which Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt, Director of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), will also give a presentation.


The Fora on Educational Policy offers educational research and politics a joint platform for dialogue and exchange. It serves to discuss current challenges in education, which empirical research can help to address by providing information and actionable knowledge.

The focus of this year's Fora on the topic of "Good Linguistic Education" is the connection between linguistic education, school success and participation. This will be examined and discussed from various perspectives. In addition to an educational dialogue, a keynote speech and a virtual poster presentation, three parallel forums with content on specific aspects of language education are planned.

LIfBi is involved in the organization of the Fora on Educational Policy, and is also actively represented in Forum III "Development and Promotion of Linguistic Competencies in the Life Course" by Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt. In her lecture " Willingness and Ability: On the Development of Reading Literacy in Adolescence," she uses data from the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) to describe the development of reading literacy in and shortly after school. Against the backdrop of digitization, which is changing reading materials and reading habits, she sheds light on the role of motivation, reading practice, and reading strategies. The focus here is on gender differences over time.

Cordula Artelt is director of LIfBi in Bamberg and head of NEPS. As a psychologist, her research interests include the measurement and development of competencies, educational judgment, and self-regulated learning. Cordula Artelt is a member of the author group of the national education report and the DFG commission on pandemic research.

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