YEAR 2020

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NEPS Opens Up to External Survey Content: First "Call for Modules" Well Received


In July 2020, the National Educational Panel (NEPS) called on interested researchers to submit their proposals for new survey modules in all NEPS start cohorts. This is the first time the survey program has opened up to external content. There was a great response to this "Call for Modules," which closed on September 30, 2020.


An internal NEPS committee of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) has now reviewed the submissions and discussed their methodological feasibility. The main focus was on estimating the development effort and whether the submitted questions could be answered with regard to the content recorded in the NEPS or whether problems with case numbers could arise. The conclusion: "There are many interesting proposals among the submissions that will now enter the next phase – although unfortunately not all of them," says Dr. Michaela Sixt, head of the NEPS development department at LIfBi.

The authors of the selected proposals are now asked to prepare a detailed outline of their projects by January 15, 2021. This should contain an elaborated proposal on the proposed items and provide evidence of their scientific quality.

The project outlines will be discussed and rated by the members of the NEPS Annual Meeting. This rating will serve as a recommendation for the final decision by the LIfBi Directorate at the end of February. The start of the integration of the selected new items into the survey program takes place up to ten months before the field start, depending on the start cohort. The processed data are available to educational researchers as scientific use files at the latest 18 months after the end of the field survey.

More information and schedule on the "Call for Modules".