YEAR 2020

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LIfBi welcomes new apprentice


The Bamberg-based Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) is dedicated to educational research. But the institute, founded in 2014, is also part of the educational trajectory of young people in practice by offering three dual vocational training programs to young people. As of September 1, the institute welcomed Eva Sperber as a new office management apprentice.

LIfBi head of human resources and training Ilona Kellermann, new trainee Eva Sperber and her trainer Verena Distler (from left). 

The institute has been training junior staff in three professions since 2015: Specialists for market and social research, IT specialists for system integration, and office management professionals.

"We received approval as a training company from the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia, based in Bayreuth, just one year after our founding and have been trained junior staff at the institute since then. As an educational research institute, it is our concern to actively support dual training in Germany and to help the skilled workers of tomorrow get off to a good start in their careers. Conversely, the institute benefits in many ways from the commitment that young people bring to us," says Ilona Kellermann, head of human resources and training at LIfBi.

Eva Sperber, a future office manager, is already the institute's eighth trainee and thus belongs to the third generation of LIfBi apprentices. In her three-year apprenticeship, she can expect a comprehensive training plan with stations in various non-scientific and administrative work areas of LIfBi, including the departments of procurement, human resources and finance. In addition, a four-week off-the-job exchange with an external administrative department is planned. For this purpose, LIfBi can rely on cooperations with other institutes of the Leibniz Association.