YEAR 2020

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LIfBi joins Leibniz research network LeibnizData


Science is being dramatically changed by the digital transformation. However, it holds great opportunities especially for research data management. Expertise from a wide range of Leibniz institutes in data management and the accompanying research data infrastructures are pooled in LeibnizData, a Leibniz research network, which the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trjectories (LIfBi) has now joined.


"Research data are a valuable resource, not only for empirical educational research, but for science as a whole," says LIfBi Director Cordula Artelt. "I am pleased that we can now also contribute our knowledge and expertise to LeibnizData." LIfBi's competencies in the field of research data management are primarily concentrated in the institute's Research Data Center (RDC-LIfBi). Here, the survey data of the National Educational Panel (NEPS) and other studies are processed and made available to the scientific community as Scientific Use Files, and secure and flexible data access for data users is ensured.

LeibnizData is one of eleven Leibniz research networks to date, each of which is dedicated to a special focus topic or a key technology. Their aim is to bundle, exchange and further develop the professional and methodological-technical competencies of the participating Leibniz institutes and to make them visible to the public. Leibniz research networks are set up by Executive Board of the Leibniz Association at the request of the Leibniz Institutes. The spokesperson of the LeibnizData network is Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann from the Leibniz Information Center for Economics (ZBW) in Kiel, who is also a member of LIfBi's scientific advisory board.

For several years, LIfBi has also been involved in the Leibniz Education Research Network (LERN), the association of all Leibniz institutions in the field of educational research. Among other things, the network is the organizer of the annual Bildungspolitisches Forum and is involved in the CIDER College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research for the promotion of PostDocs.