YEAR 2020

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Official opening ceremony of the LIfBi

Federal Minister of Education and Research, Prof. Dr. Wanka, Bavarian Minister of Education and Research, Dr. Spaenle, and the President of the Leibniz Association, Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Mayer, emphasized the outstanding academic significance of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in Bamberg during the LIfBi opening. 
In a grand ceremony held in the Hegel Saal of Bamberg Concert and Congress Hall, the institute was officially opened on May 26, 2014. The opening ceremony featured speeches by Prof. Dr. Wanka, Federal Minister of Education and Research; Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, Bavarian Minister for Education and Cultural Affairs, Research, and the Arts; and Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Mayer, President of the Leibniz Association.

Deputy Mayor Dr. Christian Lange gave a welcome address and invited the speakers to sign the Golden Book of Bamberg (picture). The President of the University of Bamberg, Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Godehard Ruppert, particularly highlighted the speed of the institutionalization process in his address.

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(Photographies: Andrea Müller/Fürnrohr GmbH)