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Dr. Ilka Wolter outlines research program for first LIfBi junior research group

As of September 1, 2016, Dr. Ilka Wolter will lead the first LIfBi junior research group "Gender roles and skills in the life course” for the duration of 3 years.
Dr. Ilka Wolter 

In her lecture held in the Wilhemspost on June 1, 2016, Dr. Ilka Wolter, LIfBi employee in the research unit "Competence Development Across the Life Course", presented topics that the first LIfBi junior research group will be investigating under her leadership in the future.


How are specific gender roles, competence development in various domains—from early childhood to old age—and the self-assessment of abilities of different people connected to each other? What is the role of the learning environment in this context, such as the teacher’s gender? Do competence-based processes change if male teachers teach male students and female teachers teach female students, or vice versa? The focus here will be on the process of competence acquisition—a research field that perfectly aligns with the already existing NEPS data. In addition, Dr. Wolter is interested in examining methodological questions, such as whether gender-specific content affects the assessment of reading competence: Do women read "women's issues" and men "men's issues" better? And how do such processes influence the assessment of reading competence in tests?


With this presentation and the ensuing discussion Dr. Wolter was able to convince the audience of her fascinating substantive research questions and her profound approach to promoting doctoral students in the junior research group.


The LIfBi-Board is looking forward to this cooperation.


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