YEAR 2020

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BiLO study enters into second round

The BiLO study “Educational Landscape of Upper Franconia (BildungsLandschaft Oberfranken, BiLO)” is starting its second survey of the Upper Franconian population this week. The objective of this wave is to record the educational choices that have been made since the first survey in the fall of last year. In total, 8,159 of the 8,765 respondents (93%) declared that they were willing to participate again.

After BiLO’s survey of upcoming educational choices in the fall of 2015, our researchers are now interested to learn how these decisions have turned out in the meantime—for example, which specific school has been selected.  This second survey will be conducted via the internet over the forthcoming months. Respondents who do not use the internet will be questioned by phone. The high response rate of the Upper Franconian population has given the team of BiLO high hopes for a large number of responses.