YEAR 2020

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Lecture series: Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Friedrichs presents results of a study on the acceptance of refugees in Hamburg at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi)


As part of the lecture series “Refugees in Germany–Educational Trajectories and Social Integration”, Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Friedrichs, University of Cologne, reported on his current research projects. His lecture was entitled “Problems of the socio-spatial integration of refugees–results of empirical studies”.

At LIfBi, Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Friedrichs reports on his current research projects.  

Friedrichs, one of the most distinguished urban sociologists in Germany, presented first empirical results on the spatial integration of people with migration background in Hamburg-Harvestehude in his lecture. Further surveys will take place in Hamburg-Bergedorf and in two urban districts in Cologne and Mülheim. Among other research questions, the study investigates how people that had to escape from their country of origin were successfully integrated into the various parts of society (e.g., educational system, labor and housing market), how recently immigrated people are perceived by the native population, and the challenges that public administration is facing in the context of immigration. For this purpose, people with migration background are tracked within the scope of the study for 14 months, and additional residents of the area surrounding the shelter as well as experts (working, e.g., in public administration, the chamber of commerce, and housing associations) are interviewed in two waves (2016 and 2017). In his lecture, Friedrichs also referred to the methodological challenges that are connected to interviewing these groups of people.

The public lecture series “Refugees in Germany–Educational Trajectories and Social Integration”, which is hosted by the LIfBi as part of project “ReGES–Refugees in the German Educational System” whose funding is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF), will continue in the coming weeks. All dates for 2016 can be found here.