YEAR 2020

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Discussion about data editing and data provision at LIfBi: Dr. Helen Wareham and Virgilio Sastre, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, receive information on site


Dr. Helen Wareham and Virgilio Sastre, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at the University of Durham, received information about the challenges and solutions concerning data editing and data provision for the scientific community, illustrated by the example of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS).

At the two-day meeting, LIfBi staff members from the Research Data Center, Software Development, Data Protection, and Public Relations gave an overview of the necessary work processes and the programs used as part of these processes at LIfBi.

In the following discussion the guests received concrete ideas for achieving their aim of developing an infrastructure for the storage of CEM data. Wareham and Sastre were very impressed by the presented opportunities and emphasized the value of this information for their own plans. Thus, the meeting has created a basis for further exchange and cooperation between the two institutions in this field.
CEM is one of the biggest and long-established research groups carrying out learning assessments of children of all ages. For thirty years, CEM has been used by education experts from more than 70 countries.