YEAR 2020

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Strong participation in last survey wave of the BiLO study


At the beginning of March 2017, the second and last survey wave of the BiLO study “Educational Landscape of Upper Franconia (BildungsLandschaft Oberfranken)” came to an end. A total of 6,617 people in their various stages of life and education participated. At the closing of the survey, prizes amounting to roughly €21,000 in total were raffled and sent to the winning respondents.

At the beginning of the BiLO study, the Upper Franconian population was interviewed about upcoming educational choices in Winter 2015/2016—for example, about child care, the transition to secondary schools, vocational training, or higher education, as well as about their participation in private further education or attendance at theater performances. Now, almost one year later, the research team wanted to know how those educational choices that were current then have turned out now. To be able to do so, the respondents of the first survey wave were contacted again. The interviews were conducted online or on the phone and took place between October 2016 and March 2017. The BiLO team is very pleased that 81% of the respondents of Wave 1 participated in the BiLO study once more. With the data of this follow-up survey, an essential prerequisite for answering the research questions of BiLO has now been met.
From among all respondents, the winners were randomly drawn under the supervision of the LIfBi data protection team. The prizes were posted off this week.

The BiLO team would like to thank all the respondents once again for the valuable contributions that they have made to the BiLO study!