YEAR 2020

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Guest lecture: Prof. Dr. Anne Fox-Boyer talks about application fields for TROG-D


In her guest lecture at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) Prof. Dr. Annette Fox-Boyer from the European University of Applied Sciences in Rostock (EUFH) presented the “Test for Reception of Grammar-Deutsch (TROG-D)”.

Prof. Dr. Annette Fox-Boyer from the European University of Applied Sciences in Rostock talked about the "Test for Reception of Grammar-Deutsch (TROG-D)" at the LIfBi.  

Under the title “Construction and application fields of TROG-D with particular regard to multilingualism” the lecturer first described the development of the test, focusing on its translation, adaptation, and standardization, as well as considering statistical quality criteria in particular. TROG-D serves to test comprehension of key grammatical structures in German. In the test a sentence is read out to the children who then have to choose one out of four pictures that matches that sentence. Fox-Boyer outlined the challenges of administering this test to bilingual children. She particularly highlighted the heterogeneity of multilingualism that results from the various cultural contexts of children growing up with multiple languages.

She illustrated this aspect with a study showing, among other things, that language comprehension of successively bilingually raised children will differ significantly from monolingual children when they enter school. This was problematic because the German school system required language abilities equivalent to the level of monolingual children. Finally, the lecturer also mentioned the specific influence of flight experience on language abilities. This includes the heterogenous cultural distance to Germany, the heterogenous educational experiences, traumatization, and the residence status of refugees as well as their housing situation.