Leibniz Competence Center Procurement


The Leibniz Competence Center Procurement (LCCP) is to facilitate joint procurements of the Leibniz Association and tender nationwide framework contracts. The aim of the competence center is to create more favorable purchasing conditions for all, to utilize synergy effects and know-how, and to advise the individual institutes on challenging EU tenders. In addition, the sustainability concept is to be given even greater emphasis in procurement. The most important and primary task of the LCCP is to bundle the requirements of several institutes and to put them out to tender throughout Europe with a correspondingly high order volume. As many Leibniz institutes as possible should be able to benefit from this.


The LCCP started on 10/01/2020 at the Forschungsverbund Berlin. It arose from a joint initiative of several Leibniz institutes and the Leibniz Secretariat and represents the first joint cooperation in the administrative area of the Leibniz Association. Since the beginning of 2022, the LKCB is located at the LIfBi in Bamberg. There it is supervised by the Finance//Controlling/Procurement department headed by Thomas Saueracker. Bamberg will remain the location of the competence center at leadst until the third quarter of 2024.


  • Central coordination of joint procurements and framework agreements in the upper-threshold range and, if applicable, of discount agreements
  • Anchor point within the Leibniz Association for networking and the exchange of know-how in the area of procurement and awarding of contracts
  • Successive provision of sample tender documents as assistance
  • Answering individual questions, taking into account the complexity of the matter at hand
  • Mediation of external legal advice if required

Project data

  • Project management at LIfBi: Thomas Saueracker
  • Funding period: Apr 2022 - (expect.) Sep 2024
  • Funding: Leibniz Association
  • Contact: lkcb@lifbi.de

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