The working unit IT runs the central IT services for the LIfBI and ensures their operational readiness. The IT unit is an internal service provider offering workplace systems and peripherals for all the institute’s employees. The unit provides ongoing support to the members of staff at the LIfBi who use these systems, and also functions as the central point of contact for the optimization of IT-assisted processes.


In order to fulfil the diverse requirements of the institute, the IT unit offers a considerable number of server-assisted services, with particular focus on storing, processing, and delivering research data from all of the studies performed at LIfBi (especially the very extensive survey and test data from the National Educational Panel Study, NEPS) securely and in accordance with data protection laws.

Furthermore, the IT unit maintains the various media technology devices available at the LIfBi (presentation and video conference systems, smartboards, digital signage), as well as a comprehensive software landscape.

In many cases, the LIfBI’s IT unit cooperates with the University of Bamberg’s Computing Centre: This long-standing cooperation includes, most significantly, telephony, network, and email connectivity, as well as hardware procurement and clone development for client systems.

Contact: it(at)