Committees and Reporting

The team supports the Director in carrying out her duties, particularly regarding committees and reporting. This includes preparing and following up meetings of the Institute’s supervisory boards, including the international Scientific Advisory Board, as well as the committees and meetings of the nationwide NEPS network. Additionally, networking with other cooperation partners and research organizations, particularly the Leibniz Association, is also part of the team’s responsibilities.


Contact: referat(at)


Another key task focuses on reporting the activities of the Board of Directors as well as monitoring the research and infrastructure performance of the entire Institute—for example, for funding bodies at both federal and state level. To this end, the team operates and develops an information and reporting system that regularly documents research activities and infrastructure services. This performance is translated into a selection of indicators that are analyzed and prepared for committee reports. Hence, the team is also particularly responsible for systematically recording and indexing scientific publications and for handling Open Access activities.


Contact: berichtswesen(at)



Claudia Gaylor, Stefanie Bucher, Tobias Sack, Dr. Natalie Boonyaprasop, Dr. Patrick Rummel, Silke Hopf (left to right). Not in the picture: Dr. Elisabeth Schüller.