Early Education

This working unit works on answering questions regarding educational trajectories and educational transitions, with a focus on early childhood and pre-school and school education, thus covering the important transitions between kindergarten, elementary school, and the secondary tiers. As both the children’s individual abilities and their environment play a role, context persons are also taken into account in the surveys. Alongside parents, who comprise the familial learning environment, the surveys are also directed – where appropriate – at educators, teachers, and the principals of the care facilities in question, which comprise a child’s extrafamilial learning environment.

As of 01/01/2021 the unit will be renamed "Early Education"

This working unit is responsible for monitoring the various NEPS studies on the age groups in question. The unit covers the following educational tiers, all examined as part of NEPS:


NEPS Stage 1 – Newborns and Early Childhood Education

NEPS Stage 2/3 – From Kindergarten and Elementary School to Lower Secondary Education


Additionally, the working unit also carries out other projects with third party funding:


BRISE – Bremer Initiative on Early Childhood Development

EarlyEd – Early Childhood Education