INSIDE I: Inclusion in lower secondary tier in Germany

INSIDE II: Educational inclusion and transitions after lower secondary tier in Germany

INSIDE I provides data for the quantitative analysis of the starting points, retention situations and careers of inclusive pupils. INSIDE I surveyed and tested approximately 4.600 students, 13% of whom had SPF, at 280 schools. This unique longitudinal study generated evidence-based knowledge about inclusive learning in lower secondary schools. In addition, a data basis was created that also serves as a starting point for the second funding phase INSIDE II. This supports the project of describing transitions after lower secondary school and identifying various conditions for successful transitions depending on different school conditions.

The first results conference of the INSIDE I project in May 2021 was aimed at the participants of the project and thus also at practitioners of inclusion in the school sector. The INSIDE project teams from Bamberg, Wuppertal, Berlin and Potsdam presented selected research results of the first project phase in the virtual conference and discussed them with the participants.


Video recordings of all presentations are available on the 
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