Junior Research Group Gender Roles and Competences Across the Life Course

From 2016 to 2020 (lead: Dr. Ilka Wolter) the Junior Research Group "Gender Roles and Competences Across the Life Course" carried out analyses of NEPS data regarding the identification and mapping of gender-specific developments of competences, as well as the psychological mechanisms explaining gender differences in competences and in constructs connected to competences. The comprehensive data structure of the National Education Panel Study was used for longitudinal analyses of (gender-specific) development of competences in different educational environments (e.g., elementary school, secondary school, and adulthood).

As part of its research focus, the Junior Research Group addressed the following topics: a) the affective-motivational personal characteristics and b) contextual variables (mainly structural and those related to the teacher) and their influence on the development of competences. Thus, questions regarding the formation of gender-specific competences and self-concepts of ability were answered. Also, the development of competences over a longer life span (e.g., also over a change of contexts) has been described. Furthermore, the Junior Research Group dealt with questions regarding aspects of diagnostics of language competences. In this area of research, the connection between specific discourse features (e.g., content domains of reading texts) and personal features (e.g., prior knowledge, frequency of reading) has been assessed for the measurement of competences.