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The research data infrastructure in the social, behavioral, educational, and economic sciences is characterized by a broad, diverse, and ever-expanding range of available datasets. However, their reuse potential depends not only on the respective data access, but also on the extent and quality of support for researchers in dealing with these data. Classical tools here range from documentation materials and research tools to training courses, tutorials, hotlines and FAQ lists. However, these services are 1) very heterogeneous in scope and usability, 2) generally tailored to a specific data product, 3) only partially transparent, and 4) in many cases not permanently available. A fundamental problem is also the purely bilateral interaction, which neglects the enormous potential of an exchange of knowledge and experience within the community of data users.



The "Forum" subproject addresses these limitations by setting up a joint online discussion platform for data providers and data users. The central advantage of such a platform is that communication is completely transparent. This not only makes the search for information more efficient and the relevant expertise available in a structured and sustainable way, but at the same time also increases the visibility of data infrastructures and their users. With the establishment of a common forum, an archive of freely accessible knowledge is created, which promotes the professional handling of complex research data. At the same time, the forum enables continuous feedback to the data-providing institutions. Accordingly, the integration of researchers in a network and an open discourse around the use of research data infrastructures are among the main motivations for the project.


The "Forum" measure is located at the RDC department of LIfBi.


Prof. Dr. Christian Aßmann and Dr. Daniel Fuß


Project team

Dr. Daniel Fuß (lead), Dr. Martina Baumann (project staff), Max Pause (project staff)


Project duration

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024



Dr.  Daniel  Fuß


+49 951 863-3492