Domain Data Protocols for Empirical Educational Research
(Subproject LIfBi)

The aim of the joint project is to develop so-called Domain Data Protocols (DDPs) in order to ensure adequate quality assurance and re-use of empirical educational research data. DDPs are publicly available, adaptive and referencable standard protocols for data management with the claim of mapping all relevant aspects of research data management concerning data quality, data preparation and curation, data documentation, research process organization, legal considerations as well as FAIR principles of data sharing. The protocols are intended to support scientists in generating high-quality and re-usable data that meet the current demands on reproducibility, FAIR-principles, open science, data protection as well as ethical issues. In addition, they should contribute to making the process of applying for funding and the associated assessment and monitoring processes more efficient. For this purpose, various representative data types from empirical educational research as well as models for calculating the costs of data management in research projects will be taken into account. The technical implementation of the generated protocols is facilitated by the Research Data Management Organizer, an open source software for planning and running research projects.


The LIfBi subproject contributes to the overall project in particular with its expertise in the planning and implementation of longitudinal surveys, the application of specific sample designs, the administration of studies with several survey groups ("multi-actor perspective") and the collection of performance and competence data. Another focus of work is the consideration of local, national and European laws and regulations, in particular data protection laws, copyrights and ethical codes of conduct.