Operational Data Protection

Brigitte Bogensperger is constituted as operational data security officer.

The data security officer is responsible for the monitoring of adherence to regulations regarding data protection law in every section and department that is processing personal data. She briefs and gives advice to the board, the employees of LIfBi and the institute’s order processors. Furthermore, she applies herself to the sensitisation and training of employees who are involved in the processing of personal data.

Likewise, the processing of presumed data breaches and the reply to requests for information fall within her scope of action.

She advises within the framework of data protection impact assessments and observes their implementation. Besides, the cooperation with the institute’s responsible controlling authority, the federal commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, is one of her tasks. At that, she serves as person in charge.


Brigitte  Bogensperger


+49 951 863-3418