Research Data Center


The Research Data Center LIfBi (RDC LIfBi) is primarily responsible for the user-friendly preparation of survey and test data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) and its dissemination to the scientific community in the form of Scientific Use Files. Among other tasks, the process of data editing includes the coding of open entries and the generation of additional variables and data sets as well as the consistent linking of data with corresponding metadata.  Moreover, the RDC LIfBi provides comprehensive documentation in German and English and ensures secure and flexible access to the data (download, remote, on-site). 


The Research Data Center also offers a multitude of services including regular user trainings and workshops, up-to-date information via website and newsletter, as well as individual consultation and technical support via phone and e-mail hotline. The Research Data Center is the first point of contact for all questions and problems concerning data usage; moreover, it administers data use agreements that are required for data access, and monitors the compliance with data privacy regulations.


The following research project is assigned to the RDC LIfBi:


The RDC is in charge of data offers especially for the following studies and projects:


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