Department RDC, Methods Development

The availability of longitudinal data is of fundamental importance in empirical educational research. Closely related to this is the further development of appropriate research methods for panel studies in order to collect and analyze these complex data in a meaningful way.


The Research Data Center (RDC LIfBi) offers specific services for researchers. It is primarily responsible for the provision and documentation of data collected in the studies and projects of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories. The National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), which is jointly carried out in collaboration with a nationwide network, is a key focus in this context. The RDC is in charge of the elaborate and careful preparation and documentation of the collected data. To this end, it operates appropriate infrastructures that enable registered researchers to access data in a flexible way and in accordance with data protection regulations.


It is supported by the working unit Software Development, which develops customized solutions such as the NEPSplorer—an online portal offering a quick and uncomplicated overview of all data records and survey instruments. And through our NEPSforum, the expertise of the RDC is available and easily accessible to all researchers.


The two working units Educational Measurement and Statistical Survey Methods supervise the (further) development of scientific methods of data analysis. Their focus is on modelling collected competency data, which are made available in the form of competency scores as part of data release, and on inference-statistical methodological research for the analysis of incomplete data, which is carried out by the department head. Further key tasks include the development of sampling concepts, the analysis of panel stability, and quality assurance.


In addition, the collaborative project Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences is assigned to the department.



Prof. Dr. habil.  Christian  Aßmann

+49 951 863-3423