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Dr. Martina Baumann

Research Data Center, Methods Development | Research Data Center
Research Data Center, Methods Development | Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences (KonsortSWD) - Forum




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Kruppe, T., & Baumann, M. (2018). Grundkompetenzen - nicht nur eine Frage der formalen Qualifikation. IAB-Forum. 28.

Selected presentations and lectures


Fuß, D., & Baumann, M. (1. - 3. März 2023). Forum4MICA – Das Online-Forum für Forschungsdaten [Vortrag]. E-Science-Tage "Empower Your Research – Preserve Your Data", Heidelberg, Deutschland.


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Baumann, M., & Knoll, B. (20. - 21. Mai 2021). Fostering research and development – On the role of public institutions and research and development tax incentives [Vortrag]. Future of Growth Conference, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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