LIfBi lectures and Research Stays 2019

Name, First Name Institution/Research Project City/Country Topic Date/Duration
Leseman, Paul
LIfBi lectures
Utrecht University Utrecht/The Netherlands "Educational inequality and social exclusion in Europe: macro- and microlevel mechanisms" 09.07.2019
Tabbers, Huib Erasmus University Rotterdam Rotterdam/The Netherlands "Digital media in education: Promises, fears, and some data" 22.05.2019
Vallet, Louis-André
LIfBi lectures
CNRS & Sciences Po Paris Paris/France "The Democratization of Education, its Apparent Paradox, a Plausible Explanation, and its Empirical Proof" 14.05.2019
Mayer, Karl Ulrich
LIfBi lectures
Max Planck Institute for Human Development & Yale University Berlin/Germany "Sozialgeschichte mit Mikrodaten: Bildungsverläufe und sozialer Wandel" 19.03.2019
Brunner, Martin
LIfBi lectures
University of Potsdam Potsdam/Germany "What exactly makes the difference? The impact of intelligence on academic learning" 19.02.2019
Stern, Elsbeth
LIfBi lectures
ETH Zurich Zurich/Switzerland "Cognitive and socio-emomotional skills as predictors of key outcomes: A life-span perspective" 05.02.2019
Trappmann, Mark LIfBi lectures IAB Nuremberg, University of Bamberg Nuremberg, Bamberg/Germany "Enriching an Ongoing Panel Survey with Mobile Phone Measures: The IAB-SMART Study" 08.01.2019