The Operational Unit for Competencies is composed of three projects whose common goal is to record and analyze those competencies which are considered relevant for education and for trajectories of education acquisition in different phases of life.

‘NEPS Compentencies’ is the most extensive of these projects. Its primary purpose is the development of test instruments to enable the recording of various educationally relevant fields of competency over the entire life course, from kindergarten to old age. Surveys of competency are intended, among other things, to give insight into how competencies are acquired over the life course and the way in which they contribute to educational achievements and to a successful personal and professional life.

The project ‘MultiTex – Process-Based Diagnostics of Text Comprehension with Multiple Documents (Multiple Documents Literacy, MDL)’ focuses on the competencies of students. At the center of this project is the competency for the comprehension of texts and the integration of information from multiple sources and documents – a compentency of fundamental importance for students from very different disciplines.

‘PIAAC-L – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies – Longitudinal’ examines the development of competencies in adulthood, and accompanies the German PIAAC sample – also referred to as PISA for adults – through three further survey waves with internationally comparable competency tests. In this way, important insights can be made regarding the significance of individual competencies for acquisition trajectories.

The projects in the Compentencies unit pursue the goal of examining educationally relevant competencies and their development, using this qualitatively rich database, which as a rule is also made available to the scientific community, to systematically close gaps in contemporary research.

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